How to Move With Pets

How to Move With Pets

Unfortunately, most pet owners will be unable to explain just why your pet’s world is about to turn upside down for a little while.  During a move, it is very common for pets to become sick or anxious, which can be hard to deal with.  The key is to make the transition from the old home to the new one as easy as possible.  We’ve put together some best practices to keep in mind when moving with your favorite animal.

1.  Talk to Your Landlord

If you are moving into a rental, you need to speak to your landlord about your pet.  Some places don’t allow animals while others are much more lenient.  If your landlord does allow pets in the building or house, be sure to give them a call and make sure you are clear on his or her policies.

2.  Don’t Forget the Food

If your pet is coming with you during the transport, make sure you have plenty of food and water with you.  It is an excellent idea to bring food and water bowls that are coverable to prevent spillage, which also makes them the best solution for transporting a day’s worth of food.  Make sure to bring your pet’s favorite treats as well.

3.  Establish Good Habits Right Away

When moving to a new place, you need to establish good habits immediately.  That means setting up the litter box where you intend to keep it or repeatedly walk your dog to the part of the yard you’d like him to use.  Keeping your new home clean is a big challenge when relocating with pets.  Be firm but understanding, as it is all new to your pet!

4.  Keep Your Pet Safe

Moving day is likely going to be the most stressful for you and the scariest for your pet.  Chances are your pet is going to be overwhelmed or over-stimulated from all the goings-on.  These include movers going in and out of the house, the packing up of familiar rooms and moving furniture.  It is really important that you confine your pet to a single room for safety purposes.  This will prevent any escape and will minimize any emergency clean-up you may need to do.

5.  Know Your Pet’s Rights

Did you know that every state has its own pet laws?  If you are moving to a new state, make sure you know what those laws are.  For example, in some states you will receive a hefty fine if someone sees you not cleaning up after your pet.  In others, you may be fined for not having a leash for your dog.

6.  Get Your Vet Records Before You Move

When you relocate, you will need to find a new doctor.  So, just like you, your pet will need a new vet.  It is a good idea to take your pet to his or her regular vet before you move for a regular check-up and then get your records when you leave.  Ask your vet for any recommendations for a vet in your new area.

Hopefully, our recommendations will help alleviate some of the stress on you and your pet when moving.  Good luck!

Lance Grooms