Iran talks nuclear

Iran talks nuclear

Negotiators will be in Baghdad next week to speak with Iran over issues on a nuclear program.  There is huge concern over Ehud Barak, who is the Israeli Defense Minister.  Barak may be the one keenest to agitate a military strike on nuclear facilities in Iran.  According to the official statement made by the Obama administration, a strike on the facilities could be catastrophic and premature, but it may not stop Israeli Defense Minister Barak from acting.  It also causes concern for the US military, which has been steadily moving out of the Middle East after talks to establish peace and relinquish any military holdings kept during the war.

The hope is that Barak will see the talks as being productive.  If he does, with the help of the US and other allies being involved it may stop him from crossing the border into Iran to rock the boat of nuclear issues.  At the moment there are a lot of concerns with the issue, since November will be election time and there may be a change in Presidents for the US.  This change could create discord on a rocky situation unless the administration can convince Barak that no military action should be conducted.  As long as the situation is watched closely, it may prevent an uprising.  The downside is that the defense minister may act without being satisfied with US involvement.  It could stir up additional troubles, which would have the military moving back into the Middle East to help put out more fires.

Barak is not asking for too much when he wants the secret nuclear facility to be closed.  Israel is a small country with many worries, and nuclear action is certainly one that can be a great problem.  Barak is hoping for the facility to be shut down completely, even if it means occupying the facility as his own.  Obama also sees the facility as a threat and something that needs to be handled, but at the moment there are agreements in place with the US to move the military out of the Middle East.  Courting trouble with Iran could create issues yet again.  The trouble with the nuclear facility is its fortifications.  It is built inside a mountain and thus normal munitions make it hard to attack.  Something drastic would need to be done to infiltrate it and that could create an unstable situation with the nuclear products inside.  Iran does state that the facility is not in operation, but there is no doubt that if political changes allowed for nuclear weapons then Iran would certainly build them.

Barak unfortunately is not very confident in the US right now.  He feels the US is 0-2 with preventing nuclear issues with Iran.  Pakistan and North Korea have both tested built nuclear weapons, which the US and allies were unable to stop.  Israel on the other hand has managed to stop Iraq and Syria from launching nuclear weapons, as they destroyed facilities from the air.