Is Judgment Day Coming?

Is Judgment Day Coming?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the last couple of days, you know that some religious fanatics are predicting that the Rapture will happen this weekend.  May 21, also Armed Forces Day in the United States is supposedly the big day.  Followers of Harold Camping and his Family Radio are preparing to go to Heaven.

In light of the recent news, we’ve noticed that all sorts of crazy things are being announced – and some of them appear to be pretty serious scams.  No, we haven’t heard of any moving scams related to this ‘Day of Reckoning’ for this weekend, but check out what we have learned.

There are companies out there preying on worried pet owners.  They are offering to take care of your pet once the Rapture happens.  Yes, you read that right.  One is called After The Rapture Pet Care and the other is known as Eternal Earthbound Pets.  So, these companies are betting on the idea that followers of Camping aren’t planning on moving to the great beyond with their pets.

For a fee, these so-called services (which are apparently run by atheists and other non-believers) will take care of your pets after the Rapture.  While each company insists it is completely legitimate, officials are accusing them of exploitation.  After The Rapture charges a $10 membership fee to move your pet to a safe location after the big event on Saturday.  Eternal Earthbound Pets charges $135 per pet.  You be the judge.

Jon Huser