Jennifer Aniston Has Some New Digs

Jennifer Aniston Has Some New Digs

Jennifer Aniston is probably the closest thing to America’s Sweetheart as you can get, and this lucky lady is about to move into some really posh new digs.

According to several sources, Aniston has just purchased a $9 million apartment in Gramercy Park, a swanky but homey neighborhood in Manhattan. The new apartment will probably suit Ms. Aniston just fine with its three bedrooms and wonderful views.

If you were to move into this apartment yourself, get ready to pay upward of $11,000 each month in maintenance fees alone. The three-bedroom apartment covers almost 3,000 square feet and has about a million perks. Wouldn’t you love to move into a building that offers housekeeping, room and butler services, and a membership to David Barton gym?

Another cool thing about this apartment is that it is the only unit in the building that looks out onto Gramercy Park from the master bedroom. We always knew that Jennifer Aniston had good taste, but it looks like she knows how to move into a smart apartment as well!

What we’re impressed with is that Aniston has bought two other New York City apartments this year alone. Now, she’s either getting ready to move into one of them or she’s planning on renting them out. Doesn’t much matter, if you live in the Big Apple, Jennifer Aniston could be your newest neighbor!

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