Kelly Clarkson to move in with Brendon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson to move in with Brendon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson and boyfriend Brendon Blackstock just cannot seem to get enough of one another.  The celebrity couple has only been dating for eight months, but the two are happy and confident enough in their relationship to have made the decision to buy a house. The intention is that they will move in together in their new abode over the Christmas period, when both of their workloads die down.

“Brendon just bought us a new house in LA,” Clarkson revealed to InTouch magazine.  “We’ll be unpacking and decorating [over the Christmas holidays].”

The 30-year-old singer, who was the very first winner of the original season of American Idol, also admitted during the interview that wedding bells were likely for the pair, but added that any actual wedding was unlikely to take place any time soon despite their relocation.  “We’ll totally get married in the future,” she confirmed, “but we’ve only been dating for eight months, so there’s no rush.”

The star confessed to being in love with 35-year-old Blackstock, noting that she is very “cheesy about it” too.  Clarkson noted that one of the reasons that they work so well together is because they are both only too familiar with being in the public eye.  The singer is keeping it all in the family as well, given that her boyfriend’s father is also her manager, while his stepmother is country singer Reba McIntyre.  “He’s grown up in this business, and he understands it,” she adds.