Kim Kardashian worried about Kourtney

Kim Kardashian worried about Kourtney

Kim Kardashian says she is starting to become increasingly concerned about her older sister Kourtney, claiming that the latter’s behavior while she has been making her brand new reality series has started to border on being “crazy”.  The two sisters have had to move to Miami in order to shoot the new series, entitled Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, and have apparently come into conflict during the course of filming.

“The vibe with the two kids is completely different than it was with Mason,” Kim has told Celebuzz.   “Kourtney is a different person.  I can’t really relate to her – and I’m trying so hard but she’s crazy.”

Kourtney says she is having trouble figuring out whether it is motherhood or the relocation to Miami to shoot the new series that is causing her sister’s strange behavior but Kim, who has hit the headlines of late because of her relationship with Kanye West, admits she is worried.  “I don’t know if it’s Miami or the change in environment, but she’s not just herself, and it’s troubling me.”

Kourtney and Kim’s new series certainly sounds like it is going to be interesting for fans of the pair, particularly given that the latter has cited Kim and Kourtney Take Miami as being “wild”.  Certainly it appears that the claws have started to come out between the two sisters, if Kim’s complaints about her sibling’s erratic behavior since the shift to Miami are anything to go by.

Jon Huser