Live it Up 90210 Style

Live it Up 90210 Style

Want to live like the stars of 90210?Want to move into a real 90210 house?  Well, you can if you have $30,000 to spend on monthly rent.  Just think, if you had that kind of money, you could relocate to the 9,798 square foot Beverly Hills home located at 2670 Bowmont Drive.  And guess what?  You won’t ever have to fight for a bathroom again – the house has 10!

Previously owned by Mischa Barton, the villa is situated on 1.21 acres with plenty of space for everyone.  The eight-bedroom house was built in 2003, just as Barton’s career shot off the ground with the launch of Fox’s “The O.C.”  Located in the gated Bowmont Estates community, the house also has a pool overlooking the canyons and Catalina Island.  So, feel free to move here if you want a large sprawling estate with a view.

In today’s economy, $30,000 a month for rent might be a little steep, so think twice before moving in.  But, if you are planning on relocating to the Hollywood area with an entourage, this house is for you.  As I mentioned, there are plenty of bathrooms but also several separate living spaces – all with private entrances.

So, living it up “90210 style” is possible if you have the cash for rent.  Fancy hotel-style living, a chef’s kitchen, and private pool make this house simply awe-inspiring.  But remember, moving to California doesn’t mean you have to break the bank and live in Hollywood.  California is home to plenty of regular folks too!

Katie Steil