Major Van Lines Vs. Ma and Pa

     As a person who will be moving soon, you have a lot of decisions to make and questions to ask yourself.  One of the questions to consider is the type of mover you choose.  There are local movers and national movers.  At the end of the day, they are all hired to complete the same task, however many regulations and agencies monitor and govern specific activities within the relocation industry that local movers may not be certified for or eligible to perform.  National companies have more on the line than local companies.  National companies cost the same as local movers and have many more moves under their belts and can transport your goods across state lines.  Of course you will find that there are many ‘Jane’s and Joe’s’ out there who will move your things for what sounds like a great price.  Lately it seems like everyone with a pickup and a little muscle has been calling themselves a mover. 

     Why a national company?  National companies have a great amount of flexibility to meet your personal and monetary needs while still remaining within your desired timeframe.  National companies can use more unique  ways to transport your household goods than local companies can typically offer, such as containerized shipping, air or rail shipping.  Also, national companies can accommodate your packing needs.  They are responsible for your items and can pack the items for you.   If you prefer, myBMS Moving & Storage offers a you pack-we haul option.  We also have professional-grade padding protectors for the edges of your doorframes and corners in your home.

     Another bonus of choosing a national company that is full-service is that they can offer touchless and secure storage.  Plus national companies are responsible for damage to your goods while they are being stored.  Because national companies fall under tighter regulations, the consumer can be assured that the regulating agencies will do their part to ensure your household goods are stored and transported safely. 

     No inspections of ma and pa facilities are required, however they may occur.   With a ma and pa shop, your items could be damaged while in storage and there are no required inspections of the buildings, therefore, your things potentially getting wet might be the least of your worries.  When choosing, be careful.

     Another option national companies offer is to move your automobiles either on the truck with your other items (not as common), or on a car carrier (more common).  National companies can usually customize your needs to have your automobile on the same truck as the rest of your things, but your bank account might take a hit, especially if it is during the summer months.  Because the summer months are busier, if you insist that your vehicle be transported on the truck, it will cost you much more because of the demand for truck space.  That is why more people choose to have their vehicle shipped using a vehicle-hauler from a third party vendor like Dependable Auto Shippers .

-Lance Grooms and Jon Huser