Make the First Move this Valentines Day

Make the First Move this Valentines Day

With romance in the air this Valentine’s Day, why not make it a truly moving event and deliver your love not only roses, a card and a box of chocolates but yourself as well?

Romance is a fragile bloom and can tragically wither, not because of any deliberate intention by either party but simply because they live so far apart that physical distance becomes a seperating factor….But not to you, not this Valentine’s day!

In order to truely get to know someone best, you might have to move closer to them. This way you get to understand one another’s quirks and habits, and it’s these little, often trivial things that bring you together to the point where you suddenly realize that your relationship has gone way beyond a regular friendship and become true love.

In these economically difficult times for some, it makes sense not to spend half your life travelling to and from your object of desire, or worse only getting to see them on weekends. Moving nearby will give your relationship room to grow and blossom.

And when it comes to moving into your first house or apartment together, this can be a challenging and exciting experience. Moving in and living with someone else for the first time is a sort of civilization, taking stock of one another in a whole new ball game and adjusting to each other’s habits.

Whether you just want to be closer to your love or are organizing your new pad, household storage and moving of heavier items needs careful consideration.  Whose couch and recliners will you use, which set of utensils gets the boot?  These are some small items that will need to be taken care of, but first focus on your relationship and WOW your Valentine today!