Making a Moving Claim

Making a Moving Claim

If any of your items are missing or damaged after a move and you have purchased moving valuation, you do have a little wiggle room. Filing a claim with the provider can take a bit of time, persistence and patience, but it may be in your best interest. But remember, some movers are easy to work with while others can be a real challenge!

So, how do you make a claim, anyway?

The first thing you need to remember about making a moving valuation claim is that you absolutely must have a signed inventory sheet. If you don’t have one, you may have very little leeway. The inventory sheet is a list of all of your items, signed by both you and the moving company. Before you sign it, make sure it is accurate!

After any notice that anything you own is damaged or missing, you must file a claim if you want to receive any type of compensation. You have about nine months after your move-in date (or delivery) to do so. However, it is always in your best interest to file a claim as soon as possible.  Terms vary my type of move and lcoation so be sue to speak with the moving company to see what applies in your case. Moving companies must recognize the claim within 30 days of receipt and have up to 120 days to deny or make an offer of compensation-again, this may vary in your area.

If you do decide to make a claim, take a look at the liability amount you declared on your shipment. So, if you claimed $7,000, the maximum liability that the movers have will also be that same amount. If you claim more than the liability amount you specified, it will be denied. This means you should always make sure you are adequately covered.