Marketing company relocating to Fort Lauderdale

Marketing company relocating to Fort Lauderdale

Automotive Resource Network Holdings is a marketing company based in New York.  The company will move its offices to Fort Lauderdale.  The marketing company announced the move of its call center and offices on April 12th 2012.  According to the executives, the office move will be complete on June 1st 2012.  The offices in New York are not the only location that will be closed and relocated.

The Dallas offices will also undergo business relocation to Fort Lauderdale.  The company is in charge of vehicle contracts, roadside assistance, and other related automotive products.  The business relocation announcement is rather unexpected, since the company has only been in business for two years.

It seems that the executives believe the office move will be beneficial in a number of ways, such as gaining one facility rather than two.  The corporate offices will streamline business functions such as marketing, accounting, product development and training.

Mainly the business relocation is to make some adjustments in spending.  The company felt a need to lower operating costs.  Florida was also a destination of choice because of the favorable tax structure that exists.  Some of the employees will be moving with the company, while others have elected not to take the offered relocation options.  Those that will move are mainly executives of the company and vital marketing staff members.  There will be some jobs open in the Florida market for the call center section of the new office building, but the number of jobs open is undetermined at this point.