Middleton Family Sells Home

Middleton Family Sells Home

Just about one month after Kate Middleton married her real life prince, the current owners sold her childhood home at auction.  The Middleton family had moved out of the house themselves back in 1995.

The house was sold at auction last week (on 3 June 2011) to a local couple for £485,000.  The lucky couple moving into the house consists of two teachers, Emma Appleby and Tom Wyatt, and we bet they never thought in a million years they would be living in such a house.

The four-bedroom house called West View is located in Bradfield Southend, a small village.  The village is near Bucklebury, where the Middleton family lives now and the county of Berkshire is just west of London.

West View was the home of the Middleton family from 1979 until 1995, when the couple sold the home and moved to their current place of residence.  Back when they originally bought the house, Michael Middleton was a pilot and Carole Middleton was a stewardess for British Airways.  All three Middleton children lived in West View in their early childhoods.  The house is a true find – with many Victorian features.

Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton are now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  The couple married at the end of April and will eventually move to London.  However, until Prince William completes his tour as a rescue helicopter pilot, they will maintain a residence on Anglesey, an island in northwest Wales.

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