Most Expensive Cities To Move To

Most Expensive Cities To Move To

You probably already know this but it is really important to know what the cost of living will be in your new neighborhood if you are getting ready to move.  Based on the cost of living, you will know whether you will be able to even afford not only the move but to actually live in the city.

Earlier this year, the Mercer Cost of Living Survey for 2010 came out.  The survey actually ranked cities throughout the United States and other countries from most expensive to least expensive according to various factors including transportation, housing, clothing, food, household goods, and entertainment.  We’ll include the top ten list below so you at least have an idea before you move.

The Mercer Cost of Living Survey isn’t just for people thinking of moving.  Human resource managers also use the information generated by the survey each month to help determine sufficient compensation for employees who need to relocate.

Before you check out the list, it is interesting to note that New York City was the base for all other cities in comparison!

10 – Copenhagen, Denmark

9 – Hong Kong, Hong Kong

8 – Zurich, Switzerland

7 – Libreville, Gabon

6 – Osaka, Japan

5 – Geneva, Switzerland

4 – Moscow, Russia

3 – Ndjamena, Chad

2 – Tokyo, Japan

1 – Luanda, Angola

We thought it was very interesting that there is no U.S. city in the top ten list of most expensive places to move.  However, New York City did make the list – at number 27.

Jon Huser