Move into Spooky Carleton Villa

Move into Spooky Carleton Villa

Happy Halloween! While Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season for many people, it marks a time where we start thinking about haunted houses and what we might do if we ever moved into one!

Did you know that some of the country’s spookiest and creepiest houses are on the market right now? One of the creepiest houses in America has got to be Carleton Villa, located on Carleton Island. The island is situated in New York’s Thousand Islands. If you are into haunted houses, you might be ready to move in tonight!

William O. Wyckoff, a very wealthy businessman involved in the Remington Arms & Typewriter Company, built Carleton Villa way back in 1894. The house was once a grand, ornate home and used simply for the Wyckoff family gatherings. However, over six decades of neglect have definitely taken their toll on the house.

Unfortunately, the house, which holds so much potential for becoming a beautiful home, has been neglected for way too long. It is definitely not move-in ready. The house now stands almost completely gutted by the weather and elements, and needs a complete restoration. The stone structure doesn’t need so much work, but the interiors definitely do.

If you are interested in moving into this massive villa and restore it back to the glories of the Gilded Age, you can pick it up for just $459,000 – and it comes with 6.9 acres of waterfront property as well!

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