Move to Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas

Move to Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas

If you are thinking of moving to a new city, have you considered anywhere in Texas? Texas has quite a few cities that are perfect for starting over, but one area in particular worth mentioning is Beaumont-Port Arthur. Ever heard of it? Let us fill you in.

Unlike many other cities throughout the country, jobs in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area are actually growing. The area, known as the Golden Triangle, is home to many petrochemical and natural gas companies that employ much of the population. If you work in this industry, you may want to move for new employment opportunities.

Another industry that is actually booming in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area is construction. These jobs are growing because many people are actually beginning to relocate into the area and the city is also making quite a few infrastructure improvements including port expansion.

If you move to the Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas area, the cost of living may be a great change from where you live now. The cost of living in the area is less than other cities throughout the country. However, if you have health concerns such as asthma and allergies, you may want to think before you move – the air quality is considered to be somewhat lacking.

Situated about 85 miles away from Houston, the culture and entertainment elements are much more “small town” than more metropolitan areas, but if you can deal with that, Beaumont might be the place for you. Here are some basic stats you might want to know about before you relocate:

  • Population – 378,255
  • Job Growth Rate – 10.1%
  • Per Capita Income – $34,380
  • Average Home Price – $138,785

Jon Huser