Move to Bozeman, Montana for a Great Family-Life

Move to Bozeman, Montana for a Great Family-Life

For anyone moving to Montana with the kids, it is important to know which cities are family-friendly. Sure, you can raise your kids anywhere, but which towns really have a good sense of family and fun? Which cities have the good schools? Where can you find a job to support your family?

Bozeman, Montana may be the city you are looking for. It’s actually more of a small town in Montana’s Big Sky country, which makes it a lovely place to move. It’s just outside of Helena and has a population of almost 44,000. With a median family income of about $53,000 it looks like Bozeman has a solid economy and probably will be growing in the near future.

So, who lives in Bozeman? If you move to this charming small town, you’ll meet a mix of artists, ranchers, hunters and skiers. There is such an eclectic mix of people in the population, perhaps because there is so much to do in the area. A ton of outdoor recreational activities are available year-round with the mountains nearby, not to mention the Bozeman Hot Springs.

Moving anywhere with kids means you also need to know about the schools. Bozeman has a quality school district and is also home to the campus of Montana State University. So, during the school semesters, you’ll also see an influx of college students moving into the city.

Although Bozeman is an up-and-coming town in Montana, it may not be for everyone. If you want another city to check out, why not set your sights on Gardiner, another great place in Montana to raise a family.

Lance Grooms