Moving from Phoenix

Moving from Phoenix

Arizona has traditionally been a place for retirees, but there are still a number of the working generation that help the state to run.  One resident stated to the media that it was time to leave Phoenix.  He relocated in May 2011 to California and urges many others who are struggling in Phoenix to relocate.  The engineer was searching in vain for a job in the aerospace industry.  It took over a year before he could find something and when he did, it was in California.  There are still many engineers being hired in California to help with the aerospace industry.

The engineer’s story is just one of many, given the 300,000 jobs that were lost during the recession.  The job losses created a mass exodus of people in the last year and even in the last few months.  These individuals have used long distance moves to get to a place that has a job to offer.  Arizona is on the road to recovery, but according to the recent article most without jobs are looking to out of state job forums for work.  The job rate is falling according to the state unemployment numbers, but it is still too high to help the majority of individuals get a job back in Arizona.

Relocating from Phoenix may be in your best interest if you have suffered from a job loss that has lasted through the recession and is still ongoing today.  Given the high percentage of individuals out of a job and knowing that only certain sectors are hiring employees, it could be in one’s best interest to move.

Most are reluctant when they have families in the same state or many friends that they will leave behind; however, it is something to be open minded about.  Moving from one state to another does not mean a loss of contact with family and friends.  It may mean a change in frequency regarding how often you see them, but getting a new start in a different state can still be the best option.

Starting over, as long as there is a plan and job, may be the best way to ensure your financial stability for that eventual retirement.  For some retirement is closer, which can mean more difficulty finding a job in their industry.  It is important to act quickly when an opportunity presents itself, as long as it is the best choice out there.

When moving from Phoenix, hiring professional movers to make it happen is another good choice.  Professional movers will make your move easier and more streamlined.  Additionally, you can focus on your new start and the new job rather than the details of the move you will be making.  A long distance move, such as one to a state or two away, can also be conducted with ease when you have professionals on hand to make the move happen.  With full service packing, hauling and unpacking, it makes sense to utilize professionals.

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