Moving Guardian Creates New Era of Accountability

Moving Guardian Creates New Era of Accountability

All too often we hear of unfortunate moving scams that prey on the uninformed consumer. Well, Moving Guardian is putting a stop to all of that, hopefully. The organization is creating a new era of accountability within the moving industry through its “moving reviews.”

The public service non-profit organization has given both businesses and consumers the platform they so desperately needed to either congratulate or criticize any moving company they’ve used. The use of moving reviews actually injects real-time accountability into the moving industry, which has had its fair share of scams in the past few years.

Moving Guardian lets consumers and businesses post reviews of various products, services, and relocation experiences, which in turn allows others to take that feedback and make a decision before hiring a particular company. Hopefully, this public forum will encourage moving companies to stick to the rules and offer fairly priced services and consumer protection.

Having access to such moving reviews will allow consumers to make more informed decisions, obviously. However, these moving reviews will also make it easier for consumers to find reputable moving companies even faster. Moving Guardian’s reviews will include customer ratings on the following criteria:

  • Service
  • Professionalism
  • Crew
  • Satisfaction

When someone submits a rating or review of any moving company, their submission will be automatically computed into an overall rating for that company. Frivolous reviews and spam are actually deleted and not included in the calculations!

So, has anyone checked out Moving Guardian’s review section? Was it helpful?

Lance Grooms