Moving Safety and Advice

Moving Safety and Advice

Many new home buyers and experienced movers look at moving to be quite daunting.  Whether you are moving across the city, state, country or World, there are certainly many tasks that need to be done in order to prepare your move to go as safe and smooth as possible.  No matter what you do in life, preparation can help and moving is no exception to the rule.  Here are just a few topics that will get you thinking about how to handle some topics that you may have otherwise overlooked.

Clear The Clutter

If you’re looking to maximize your ROI of your home, especially in a stiff housing market most Realtors would advise you to get rid of unnecessary items that might be distracting to a potential buyer.  What you have in your pantry might not necessarily be viewed in the same light by the potential home buyer.  If you’re looking to give your home the best chance of being sold, Clear the Clutter out of your home so it’s tidy and welcoming.

Change of Address

     Most people have had to change their address before; maybe from a previous move, college or moving out into your own place.  The United States Postal Service offers an online and hardcopy Official Change of Address Form that can be completed ahead of time in order to properly plan out the arrival of mail to your new residence.  Visit your local post office or the USPS Web site for more information (

 Vehicle Preparation

It’s a good idea to make sure you take your vehicle to a reputable mechanic and have it inspected before you move, especially if you are going to be moving long distance.  It is particularly important that a mechanic inspect the vehicle as a whole, focusing especially on the tires, tire pressure, brakes, oil, coolant and other fluid levels as well as the hauling and weight-bearing components.  If you will be loading the vehicle with many boxes or odds and ends from your home you’d rather move yourself, be sure you leave enough room to safely and legally control your vehicle.   Refer to your Owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

Liability coverage

     Sure it costs more initially, but it could save you financially in the long run.  When scheduling a move with a reputable moving company, the amount of liability coverage you choose is certainly a topic that should be discussed.  Be sure that you choose the appropriate coverage for the items you will be moving.  The initial cost could be well worth the investment in the case that an unforeseen accident occurs.

Do your Research

It’s crucial that you trust the moving company you are choosing to move your most prized possessions and everything you have worked so hard for.  Word of mouth is certainly a common way that many find a moving company, yet It’s important that you consider your source and check it out for yourself, both good and bad.  Online reviews and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings are a common way that people who are moving help decide if the company they are considering will be the company they choose.  (  The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) is the Relocation Industry regulator to keep “rogue movers” away.  Visit their Website at to check out some other programs they have in place to protect consumers and keep moving companies honest.

Children’s Safety

Consider the stress you have undergone during preparing for and undergoing the move.  What your child is feeling is different.  Imagine what your child is thinking from their perspective.  Depending on their age, the most important things could include their parents, nap time, food, tree house, bike, cellphone, friends or computer.  Although they may not know any better it is important to let the children know as soon as possible so they can begin the transition with the rest of the family.  Some parents and councilors also recommend that if you let the children help pack their own items (with the help of you, of course) it will help children feel more a part of the move and aides in the grievance process. As well as helping the child to comprehend what is actually happening.

 Necessities Easily Accessible

     If you or your family members need any special medication or paperwork, it is a good idea to make a list so that those items are packed last to ensure they are easily accessible.  I’d recommend to pack a small emergency pack that includes medical cards, insurance information, back-up form of payment, i.e.: credit card/check book) medical kit and snacks.  Cell phone and charger, AAA information, are also a good idea to have handy.  If you are traveling with children it will help reduce stress if you are prepared with what you know will help soothe their minds, a teddy bear or blanket might just do the trick.

– Jon Huser