Moving the Copier

Moving the Copier

Moving your office copier safely Are you getting ready to relocate your office?  If so, there are some things you need to know about moving your copier.  As you know, copiers aren’t cheap and it would be a pity to ruin the one you’ve got.  Follow these tips to make your office-to-office move a little easier and keep your copier safe in the process.

In order to move your copier safely, you’ll need a few basic supplies.  You can pick up bubble wrap, cardboard sheets, and wrapping or packing tape from your local office supply store or moving store.  If you cannot find these items at the store, contact your local office movers and they will be able to provide them for a small fee.  Here’s how to move your copier:

1.     Remove all accessories before wrapping or moving the copier.  That means taking out all the paper, removing paper trays and feeders, toner cartridges, and unplugging any cords.  Place the cords and accessories in the cardboard and tape them securely.

2.     Next, protect the accessories by wrapping them in bubble wrap.  It is a good idea to cover each accessory to a depth of around three inches.  Always tape it in place.

3.     Wrap the copier with the cardboard and tape it securely.  As with the copier accessories wrap the boxed copier in bubble wrap, once again three inches of wrap will provide the requisite protection.

4.     Wrap another layer of cardboard and bubble wrap over the first layer.

Always move your copier in the upright position.  If possible, use a moving dolly or hand truck to transport it.  Don’t forget to secure the lid to prevent the glass plate from cracking.  As long as you follow these tips, your copier should make it through your office move unscathed.

– Jon Huser