Moving to Arkansas? Consider Judsonia

Moving to Arkansas? Consider Judsonia

Moving anywhere in the word is an important decision, but that decision may have even more importance when you are moving with your kids.  The same goes for moving to Arkansas.  So, what’s so great about Arkansas?  Let us fill you in.

Judsonia, Arkansas is one of the best places to raise your kids.  It is a small city along Little Red River and moving there is a great idea if you’ve got a family.  The quiet community has a relatively low crime rate and a population of just 2,129.  So, if you want to move to a big city, Judsonia isn’t it.

But, if you want to love where you live, you might just find the right place in Judsonia.  There are jobs available; the largest employer in the area is American Bronze Craft, which has just 17 employees.  But, many people move to Judsonia for the good schools and sense of community and simply commute to other areas for work.

The Judsonia Elementary School goes up through sixth grade and is within the town limits.  Middle school and high school students must attend schools in nearby Searcy.  The low number of schools doesn’t detract from Judsonia’s community offerings, however.  There are plenty of parks, a community center, and plenty of recreational activities throughout the area.

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