Moving to Dallas Center, Iowa

Moving to Dallas Center, Iowa

If you are thinking of moving to Iowa, particularly near Des Moines, you might want to consider Dallas Center. The small town is situated just 25 miles from Des Moines and is considered to be one of the most quietly progressive towns in the region. In fact, the town’s motto is just that – “Quietly Progressive.”

With a population of just 1,532, families moving to Dallas Center will definitely get that small town feel. Dallas Center is a small town with all the small town charm that you might just be looking for. And according to Business Week magazine, Dallas Center is one of the best cities in Iowa to raise your children.

When you move with your family, basic statistics become very important. So, we’ve got some of them for you. The median family income in Dallas Center is $74,518 – that’s pretty impressive for the region and today’s economy. The town has plenty to offer; you’d be surprised especially if you are moving from a larger city.

As far as schools go, Dallas Center has three elementary schools, one middle school, and a single high school within the Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District.

Before you move to Dallas Center, or any other city in Iowa, it is a good idea to do your research. Take a look at what might matter most to you – schools, employment rates, and what’s in the surrounding areas. If Dallas Center doesn’t do it for you, a close runner-up for raising a family is De Soto, Iowa.

Lance Grooms