Moving to Nevada with the Kids?

Moving to Nevada with the Kids?

With a population of just over 7,000 people, moving to the Moapa Valley may not be what you are thinking if you are currently living in a big, densely populated city. However, we can tell you that you may want to consider moving there, especially if you have kids.

The Moapa Valley is a great place to raise the kids in Nevada. Just about 50 miles outside of Las Vegas, you still have access to all the lights and excitement of a big city. In fact, many people who move to the Moapa Valley actually commute to Las Vegas for work.

So, what makes the Moapa Valley so ideal for raising a family? First of all, the median family income is just about average – $59,866 – which means that the job you are likely to have will be decent-paying. Secondly, it is one of the areas just outside of Las Vegas that have that small town charm and appeal that so many families are looking for.

If you are considering relocation, you might want to know that the Moapa Valley was settled by Mormon farmers, right on the edge of Lake Mead. The area consists of the towns of Moapa, Glendale, Logandale and Overton – any of which are ideal for fun-loving families.

Throughout the year there are many festivals and fairs to enjoy. In October Logandale hosts the Bluegrass Music Festival and a month later the Pomegranate Festival. In the spring, there are a number of fairs and rodeos. So, if you love good country living, the Moapa Valley may be a great place to move!

Lance Grooms