Moving to Oxnard? Are you Rich?

Moving to Oxnard? Are you Rich?

Before we even get into it, we want to reassure you that you don’t have to be filthy rich to move to Oxnard, California! However, plenty of millionaires seem to like to call the city home.

The sunny, oceanfront city isn’t too far from Hollywood. In fact, it’s only 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Perhaps that’s why so many of Hollywood’s original stars moved to Oxnard in the first place. The likes of Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne and Clark Gable all hung their hats in this sleepy California town.

Today, the metropolitan area of Oxnard includes the cities of Ventura and Thousand Oaks. It is also immensely popular with beachgoers, naval contractors and high-powered business people.  However, that aside, the median household income is almost $75,000, which means people just like us also move into town.

But, Oxnard has a really high concentration of millionaire households – almost 8%!  Surprisingly, the total of millionaire households in the city is 20,410. That’s pretty impressive, if you ask us!  Especially for an area with a metropolitan population of just 823,318.

So, if you want to move to where there are plenty of millionaires, Oxnard is a great place to live.  It’s just close enough to Los Angeles for commuters to pop into Tinsel Town every so often – you know to drink champagne and eat caviar!

We guess in Oxnard, people really do have champagne dreams and caviar wishes!