Moving to Wilson, Kansas

Moving to Wilson, Kansas

Choosing a place to live when you have kids is a big decision, we know. But sometimes, we just don’t have a big set of options – perhaps your company has relocated and you need to follow. Or, you need to move to a place you can afford. But, it’s always nice to know about the towns within the state you are moving, to help make the transition and decision a little easier.

So, if you are moving to Kansas, or within that state, have you considered the city of Wilson? Wilson, Kansas is actually a charming little Midwestern town – with a population of just 711, we’re not kidding when we say it’s small! Moving to a small town can often be a great new chapter in your life. But, if you’re moving from a larger city, we do recommend visiting the town first to make sure you’re ready for the move.

Wilson is located about 55 miles away from Salina, Kansas, which is the closest major city. But, Wilson offers a lot for new residents, especially those that haven’t experienced all that the state has to offer. Just five miles away from Wilson Lake, there are plenty of historical sites, museums, parks, ball fields, and youth recreational centers for the kids.

Oh, and did you know that Wilson, Kansas is actually the “Czech Capital of Kansas?” We didn’t, either, but that’s what the Smithsonian Magazine says! Back in the 1800s, Wilson became the home for many relocating Czech Bohemians, so the culture remains quite strong. Consequently there is an annual Czech Festival complete with a parade, crafts, music, and food.

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