Moving with Pets to Ireland

Moving with Pets to Ireland

Make sure your ready to move your pets to IrelandIf you are preparing to relocate to Ireland and have pets, you should really be prepared.  If you are moving your pet from the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, or the UK you won’t have a problem.  However, Ireland has very strict rules and regulations when it comes to importing pets from any other location.  Before you move, you must have an import license.

In order to obtain an import license for your pet when you relocate to Ireland your pet must actually be placed in quarantine.  This can be hard on the family – and the pet – but it is required.  You have the option to place your animal in an approved quarantine in Ireland for at least six months or you may use an approved quarantine for a single month then place your pet in an approved private facility for the remaining five.  It is helpful to note that the private quarantine might be the backyard of your new home.

For pet owners that would like to take advantage of the private quarantine, the pet must have been vaccinated against rabies and have documentation to prove it.  You will also need to get approval from Ireland’s Veterinary Inspectorate of the Department of Agriculture and Food before moving the pet to the country.  During the five-month period, the pet and the quarantine premises will be inspected by veterinarians.

It is a good idea to seriously consider moving with your pet.  Of course, many pets are part of the family and you wouldn’t want to leave them!  Please also understand that you need to apply for the private quarantine at least three months prior to arrival.  Right now, there is only a single public quarantine and it is located in Lissenhall, Swords, County Dublin.

Katie Steil