Moving with the Military: Some Basic Advice

Moving with the Military: Some Basic Advice

Frequent relocation is an integral part of military life.  Whether this is your first military move or you’re a pack-em-up and ship-em-out pro, the following tips can help you stay ready for what comes next.

Plan, Plan, Plan

When duty calls, you’ve got to go and sometimes that means you only have weeks to get your family packed up and ready to move.  As soon as the orders come in, start making lists and relocation timelines to help you get organized and stay on task.

The US Post Office website has a really helpful move checklist; pick it up for free at your local post office or at

So Where Are You Living Now?

One of the biggest challenges of frequent relocation is keeping up with address and phone number changes—and ensuring that those who need to find you, can.  Keep a list of phone numbers or websites of important creditors and bills so you can update your contact information with them as soon as you move.

Take Coverage

Make sure your property is covered by adequate insurance throughout your move.  In case your property is lost, stolen, or damaged in transport or in storage you need to know your stuff is protected.

Get Paid

The military offers benefits to help service members with relocation expenses.  Understand what you’re entitled to and the different options available to you, especially if this will be your first move.  Your base Transportation and Housing Office can give you more information about things like dislocation allowance, advance basic allowance for housing, and more.

-Lance Grooms