Moving Your Business? Here’s a Checklist

Moving Your Business? Here’s a Checklist

Moving your business is always a big step.  If you aren’t ready, you could run the risk of losing valuable time and money.  Remember, the point of having a company is to make money and serve your customers – not to lose out!

Here is a checklist of some things you should keep in mind, as you get ready to move your company:

  • Figure out the moving schedule and a time frame.
  • Devise a communication plan so that customers, suppliers and employees know what’s going on.
  • Make a list of tasks that need to get done and assign them to individuals.
  • Consider setting up a moving committee to help make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Get the employees involved and make sure that everyone knows what their role in the relocation is.
  • Figure out how the new office is going to be set up and make a plan.
  • Get at least three different moving quotes from moving companies.  Make sure they are International Office Moving Institute Certified.
  • Contact your current service providers to let them know you will be moving and see if you can transfer their services to your new location.
  • Establish a packing schedule and figure out what can be packed in advance.
  • Buy packing supplies and moving boxes in advance.
  • Provide packing instructions and supplies to your employers and the moving company.

Though this checklist is not exhaustive, it is a very good start to moving your business.  Good luck!