MUST moves to Cherokee

MUST moves to Cherokee

One of the most well known nonprofit organizations in Cherokee County is to relocate to a new home and is very close to its $2 million goal in order to be able to fund the effort.  MUST Ministries announced plans on Thursday for its offices in Cherokee to move to an empty building, located on Brown Industrial Parkway in Canton, so that it can more effectively serve its ever-growing client base.

The office space, which is situated at 111 Brown Industrial Parkway, is located right across the street from the RT Jones Memorial Library.  The new building is 8,900 square feet, sitting on 2.5 acres of land off Interstate 575 just west of Exit 19.  Canton First United Methodist Church was where the announcement of the office relocation first took place, with more than 100 community leaders and supporters of the organization on hand for the occasion.

The president and chief executive officer of MUST, Ike Reighard, says that the organization is able to keep growing not just because of the community need for it but also because of the support it receives from the community.  Reighard notes that around 110 volunteers show up every week at the Canton location prepared to give something back.  “They are doing something unique,” he says, pointing out that the reasons for the existence of MUST is to “transform lives” in the community.

Don Hausfield, who is a member of the board of directors of MUST, said that they needed to raise $1.7 million for the move, with the community ultimately donating $1.8 million.

Author – Gene Salaz