National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 28 drivers who display qualities that set them apart from their peers were nominated by the various myBMS Moving & Storage offices.

From those drivers, five were chosen and will be honored for their superior dedication, professionalism, customer service and outstanding performance.  BMS Moving & Storage A-1 Movers and BMS Moving & Storage (myBMS Moving & Storage) are proud to have these drivers represent the company.  myBMS Moving & Storage is proud to present the following five drivers:


John Alvarez

John is always on time, in uniform, calls ahead for help, schedules warehouse deliveries a few days ahead and helps us as an agent.  He also gets his paperwork done on time. Thank you!!

In addition, we are proud to announce John Alvarez, Driver for myBMS Moving & Storage, has been selected as the recipient of the 2010 President’s Award for Customer Service Excellence.

The President’s Award is BMS Moving & Storage Van Lines way of recognizing their most outstanding customer service providers.

Congratulations John!!


Pablo Huerta

Pablo coordinates O&I along with hauling interstate and intrastate HHG. In my opinion, he is one of the top commercial operational supervisors in Los Angeles. He has been with BMS Moving & Storage over 35 years. His customer satisfaction is exemplary and his product knowledge is second to none.


James “Guy” Landreneau

I would like to nominate James “Guy” Landreneau for this honor. James has been with myBMS Moving & Storage now for 3 years and has always maintained a professional attitude even under the most difficult circumstances. His ultimate goal is to make sure the customer is satisfied. Very rarely in this industry do customers take the time to write letters to express how positive a move went. With James, they come quite often. On numerous occasions he has been nominated for BMS Moving & Storage Van Lines driver of the month and has even won that award a few times but these accolades do not go to his head. He is truly a team player and will perform all duties that are asked on him. Any branch would be lucky to have a driver of his caliber.


Jim Robinson

Jim is always pleasant and professional, even if in a difficult situation. Jim is very accommodating and always willing to help. He is always timely with his communication, positive and very customer-service oriented.

Jim is always on-schedule, in uniform and runs hard to meet load and delivery commitments.  Jim schedules warehouse deliveries a few days ahead and helps us as an agent when Dispatch can afford to let him. He is a problem solver and will only get dispatch involved when he has exhausted every avenue.  AND HE GETS US PAPERWORK ON TIME!! THANK YOU!!!!!


Oliver Shelley

Oliver is an hourly employee that started 14 years ago at Tri-Valley. Oliver is a Class A driver who hauls a lot of short-haul interstate shipments. He always has the company’s best interests in mind and knows how important it is for the company to make a profit. His customer service skills are excellent and he is a leader for the rest of the crew. Whether it’s local, interstate or an office move, Oliver takes charge and manages the move to completion while setting a good example for the rest of the crew. Oliver deserves our respect and recognition.