Neither the US nor the UK wants Piers Morgan

Neither the US nor the UK wants Piers Morgan

Online petitions in the United States and the United Kingdom are fighting a war over which country Piers Morgan should stay in – because neither of them wants him in their country!

A number of Americans have decided to set up a petition to have Morgan removed from the United States after his move there, with around 87,000 people having so far signed the petition. This figure is far in advance of the mere 25,000 responses needed for a petition to qualify to receive a direct response from the White House.

While many people might sympathize with the notion, the reality is that the petition was started by hardcore American gun lovers who have taken umbrage at Morgan actually speaking sense for once by arguing that the United States needs stricter gun laws in the wake of the latest mass shooting tragedy that took place in a kindergarten in Sandy Hook.

Those who set up the petition to demand Morgan’s forcible relocation back to the United Kingdom had not reckoned on a similar petition being set up by folk from the United Kingdom, who do not want him back! That being said, this new petition is proving to be nowhere near as popular as the American one, with just 7,500 signatures so far.

Morgan himself seems amused rather than concerned by the controversy, taking time out to send a message via Twitter: “Merry Christmas! Even to those who want me deported”.

Jon Huser