New Attitudes in HR

New Attitudes in HR

Some experts are saying that 2011 is going to be a new age – the end of the recession and a return to the prosperity America once knew.  But, many employers aren’t really feeling the same way.  Simply put, many U.S. employers just aren’t able to invest in their employees right now – and that includes relocation packages.

This year marks a creative turn in human resources management.  HR staff will need to be creative and innovative when it comes to keeping employees happy and providing perks.  During the worst of the economic crisis, many employees didn’t want to even think about moving on to greener pastures.  Now that isn’t so much the case.

So, how can companies keep their employees from packing it up and moving out?  Here are some quick ideas we came across, check them out, maybe your company can adopt a few.

1.     Cover Relocation Costs – While a company might not be able to afford all the relocation expenses they once could, it’s still important to pitch in.  Lump sum relocation packages are more popular than ever right now.  And, many employees like the freedom to choose their own movers and relocation service providers.  As the country sees employment rates rise, we are also seeing more people move closer to the work.

2.     Promoting without Pay – While a raise is always nice, a promotion is also pretty good.  A boost in morale can come with a simple boost in title instead of the paycheck.  People want to be respected in their jobs.

3.     Relax the Atmosphere – Why not allow employees to dress business casual everyday?  Why not relax the schedule or allow some employees to work from home a couple of days a week.  This may make relocating a little sweeter, especially if all the expenses aren’t covered and this is a move away from an area with family close-by. 

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