New Study Shows Workers Willing to Move

New Study Shows Workers Willing to Move

A study has revealed that half of the workers in the world are willing to relocate.

Relocation is becoming more popular among workers around the globe, including those in the USA.  A new study has shown that employees are willing to move to another country if the right job is offered. They are looking for pay rises and incentives for such relocation.  The incentives can include trips home, language training and more.

The global economy is part of the reason there are more workers willing to move. Mexico, Russia, Brazil, India and Turkey are all suffering.  The workers in these countries are more willing to undergo relocation.  To a degree, workers in Sweden, Belgium and the US are willing to stay closer to home.  Of the people questioned, 20% stated that they would not mind moving to a new country for three years if it included a 10% rise in pay.  Furthermore, it is not necessary to have an increase in their home currency.  What they are looking for is better conditions, where they may be able to make the money they earn last longer.

Relocation is definitely a popular concept in recent months.  At least 40% of those polled in the survey stated they would definitely move for higher paying jobs and a good career.  Better living conditions were also cited as one of the main reasons workers may relocate.  People are willing to move as long as the details are right.

Jon Huser