New York City Apartment Hunting Tips

New York City Apartment Hunting Tips

Let’s face it, finding an apartment in New York City can be just plain intimidating and many people relocating to the Big Apple may cringe at the thought.  All too often we hear of apartment-hunter horror stories where people simply cannot find a good apartment in which to settle.  So, if you’re moving to New York City, here are some tips to on to actually find a place to live!

1.     Use a broker.  This is the most common way to find an apartment in the city.  If you already have a neighborhood in mind, use a broker based there.  Many brokers can help you find a place to move to right away.

2.     Ask around.  Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to find a place.  This is also a good way for people who want to save a little money when they move to New York City and still find a suitable abode.

3.     Check the classifieds.  Many people moving in the city check the local listings to find apartments.  Often, you will be able to find an apartment to sublet or even buy at a good price.

4.     Take a walk.  Walking around the city can help you find the places you’d like to live the most.  So, if you’re getting ready to move, spend some time walking around the different neighborhoods to get a feel for them.

5.     Use an apartment guide.  You know those little booklets in realtor offices, sandwich shops, and libraries?  Pick one up; they have a lot of good information for individuals getting ready to relocate.

Jon Huser