No Need to Move Far

No Need to Move Far

Homeowners do not have to move far in order to achieve savings.

Home values decreased by 5% in the last year.  In many of the major metropolitan areas home values fell, making it more affordable to stay in the city but relocate to a more affordable location.  If you are suffering from high expenses, all it may take is for you to move into a smaller home.  A smaller home is going to cost less to heat.  There are also many other methods that can help you reduce your expenses.

If your home expenses are too much, think about what you can change in order to save more money.  Do you need to wash your hair every day?  You may be able to avoid washing your hair on your days off.  This could save on hot water.  If this is not something you can give up, consider turning off lights, unplugging appliances, and even unplugging your TV every night.  Every small thing you do can help you save a little money.

Obviously, if you move you can definitely save on some of your living expenses.  A smaller home or perhaps a more energy efficient home will be the best option for you.  A newer home or one that has new windows can also be more affordable.  Moving is easy, especially if you move from one home to another in the same city.  It is at least a consideration if you are struggling, given current housing values.

Jon Huser