Norman Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights Home For Sale

Norman Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights Home For Sale

Bibliophiles the world over may be interested to know that Norman Mailer’s Brooklyn Heights historic apartment has been put up for sale recently.  The apartment, listed by the great, late writer’s nine children is going for $2.5 million.  This particular apartment also has an interesting story behind it.  Do you know why he moved in?

You may not be aware, but Norman Mailer was terribly afraid of heights.  So, he bought this apartment and moved in to help conquer that fear – the apartment is situated on the top floor of a walk-up building.  What a way to beat such a fear!

The interior has been said to resemble both the inside of a ship as well as a jungle gym.  You get an eclectic mix of ladders, galleys, and even a crow’s nest – which was once Mailer’s writing office.  We’re wondering how that might appeal to anyone wanting to move in.

Aside from all the unusual attributes, this Brooklyn Heights apartment also has all the good-old regular stuff like three bedrooms and two bathrooms.  It also happens to have a spectacular view of the NYC skyline.

Right now, Michael Mailer, the writer’s son, is the most involved in the property.  Once his father’s sixth wife, Norris Church, died he began renting the apartment himself but feels it is time to sell.  That way, none of Mailer’s other children will have any hard feelings about not moving in.

Katie Steil