NYC Condo With a View

NYC Condo With a View

Many people fantasize about moving to New York City, but never do so. That’s why it is one of the most popular cities to visit – that and the amazing amount of culture, art and excitement. The city that never sleeps also has some really amazing homes for those that do end up moving to the area.

First, you need to know that there are New York City homes and then there are New York City HOMES! One of the most decadent and amazing New York City homes is located in the Bristol Plaza on the 49th floor. It has 11 bedrooms; need we say more?

The condo is so much more than a typical New York City apartment that many people move into. This fantastic apartment has almost 6,000 square feet to spread out in and includes a 22-foot dining room and a 38-foot living room. Oh, and the views are also pretty great – 360 degrees of Central Park!

If you aren’t already drooling over this home and wishing you could move in tomorrow, let us tell you more! The floors consist of pristine oak boards, nine-zone central air conditioning, an in-home theatre, and a saltwater aquarium that separates the dining and living rooms. If you want to move in, you can get it all for a cool $22.5 million.

The price is down from the $26 million the owners were asking for previously. So right now, the apartment is on sale! Still Christmas shopping? You can cross ‘fantastic NYC condo’ off the list right away.

Jon Huser