Ocean Currents Doing Their Own Long Distance Relocation

Ocean Currents Doing Their Own Long Distance Relocation

Some currents are moving long distance.  This is thought to be related to climate changes.

A recent global study has found that some of the ocean currents are moving long distances.  It is surprising in one way; in another way it is not surprising.  The Earth’s temperature rises.  This means the ocean currents are warming faster.  With this change it can mean the ocean currents will change as the temperatures change.

The study stated that ocean currents moving long distance have been in the Australian, African, Japanese and North American sectors.  The move of these currents seems to be pole-wards, meaning that the currents are going southward from places such as Australia and towards the northern boundary in North America.  It is as though the poles are making the currents move or gravitate towards them due to the change in the Earth’s temperature.

There is a warning with regards to the subtropical western section in that the ocean currents may change even more in the future. They may do so because of the greenhouse gases forcing them.  These currents are extremely important to heat and moisture, and also the livelihood of the animals.  In other words, when the currents change the fish, marine mammals and any other animals living in the sea also move.  Coral and other marine life that cannot move may end up dying due to the change in currents, given that the temperatures of the oceans are also changing.

Lance Grooms