Octomum to move to Australia

Octomum to move to Australia

Octomum herself, otherwise known as Nadya Suleman, is planning to leave the United States, according to the new issue of Woman’s Day.  Suleman is allegedly planning to move to Australia in order to get a new life for both herself and her 14 children.

Ed Suleman, Nadya’s father, says that his daughter has decided on the drastic relocation to Sydney because of the “toxic” atmosphere that surrounds her in the United States.  “People in America hate my daughter and that breaks my heart, so I think the only solution is for us all to all move away,” Ed told the magazine.  “And I can’t think of a better place for us to go than Australia, as living in California has become toxic for Nadya.”

Ed says that his daughter is continually harassed by the paparazzi in California, as well as being perpetually subjected to the judgment of her peers because she lives on government funding.  Ed believes that the laidback attitude of Australians and their friendly nature means that he and his family will have a much better chance of fitting in over there than they currently do in their own country.

Nadya already has an uncle who lives in Sydney, who Ed says has offered to help with the move and getting them settled into a new home.  Nadya was forced to file for bankruptcy earlier in 2012, and worked at a strip club in Florida and had a part in a porn film in a bid to earn money.

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