Oregon coast suffers earthquake

Oregon coast suffers earthquake

California, Oregon and Washington have to be wary of earthquakes, given the fault the states lie on.  With an earthquake in Mexico and now one in Oregon, there are definite worries about the Pacific Coast.  The earthquake off the coast of Oregon on Wednesday was 5.9 in magnitude.  This is a lower magnitude than the one in Mexico.  Luckily there were no casualties or damages, but individuals might want to get ready to move to Oregon and help out should another earthquake strike.

At the very least any humanitarian may want to help out in Mexico now that it has suffered from a second earthquake in as little as a month.  Mexico already lost 1,300 buildings in the last earthquake, so it needs people to relocate and help rebuild homes and buildings.

If more earthquakes happen in the US it could mean a massive relocation of humanitarian efforts.  Earthquakes are not something we can predict or stop.  This is why they are so worrisome.  The fact that there have been quite a few, and worries of tsunamis as an after effect, is also out there.  Anyone that wants to help ease the plight of others in terms of natural disasters may want to move along to areas already affected and prepare for any others that might happen later in this year.

Even though earthquakes cannot be predicted, there is data that can show activity that might lead to such a natural disaster; being prepared is a help.

Jon Huser