Packing Your Electronics

Packing Your Electronics

If you intend to move, protecting your electronics is important!

Hiring a moving company can be helpful to your overall moving experience.  Often your moving company will be well versed in how to pack your things, including electronics, yet there are some things you might want to do to prepare for the move.  If you intend on packing yourself, the following tips can also be very helpful.

Take a picture of all of your electronics, especially the connections at the back.  A picture will help you set them up again in case you forget what wire goes where.  The picture can also be used in the event something occurs during the transit of your home belongings.

The original packaging is best, if it is still available.  The television box, DVD player box or other electronic packaging should be used if you kept it.  Sometimes we know a move is going to happen, so we keep the box.  At other times you may have already got rid of the original packaging.

If you do not have the original packaging, you may want to double box the items along with special packing peanuts or bubble wrap.  Static electricity is electronics worst nightmare so make sure to know what you’re doing or hire someone who does.  Also be careful to wrap the cords using twist ties or heavy rubber bands.  It will protect the cords and your electronics better.  Also use the two-inch rule with regards to the packing material so that around all sides you have two inches of additional packaging.

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