Plaza Hotel Gets Prettied Up

Plaza Hotel Gets Prettied Up

If you have a little girl chances are you know all about the beloved character named Eloise (in the children’s storybooks) who loves, loves, loves the Plaza Hotel.  The Plaza is one of New York City’s most famous hotels – a landmark in its own right.  In fact, many people wish they could move right into the hotel and have tea every afternoon.

Well, you may not know it but the famous hotel just got a big make over!  The renovation came just in time for the hotel to celebrate its 103rd birthday this October.  So, the hotel will move into its next year with an even bigger sense of style following renovations which cost $450 million.

What did the renovation consist of?  Every single guest room was renovated and will now provide even more understated elegance than before.  Move into the bathrooms and see impressive inlaid earth stone mosaics along with 24-carat plated faucets and bath accessories.

If you can afford a night in the Royal Plaza Suite, we suggest you move right in.  The magnificent suite has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.  It also has a dining room for twelve, a private elevator, and a grand piano.

Interestingly, the restoration also brought back a taste of days past.  The Palm Court was actually returned to its original design and the afternoon tea service has been re-implemented.  In total, the Palm Court restoration cost $6.5 million and is incredible.  If you are in New York City or planning a trip, we suggest you make a point to visit the Plaza.

Katie Steil