Polls set to open for Election Day

Polls set to open for Election Day

Tuesday November 6th is Election Day in the United States, and polling places all across the nation will be open from 7am until 7pm.

Voters need to be able to show an acceptable photo ID in order to be able to make use of the electronic voting machines and vote.  Those people who do not have such ID or who forget to bring it with them may vote in a provisional ballot, and will then have two days to present to their local Voter Registration Office an acceptable ID in order for their vote to be counted.

Acceptable ID includes a valid passport, a tribal ID, valid employee photo ID from government, a driver’s license, or any form of valid photo ID issued by the state or federal government.

Election Day for federal offices in the United States always takes place on the Tuesday immediately following the first Monday in the month of November.  The 2012 Presidential Election is the 57th quadrennial election in the history of the United States.  Barrack Obama, the incumbent Democrat President, and his Vice-President, Joe Biden, are hoping for a second term as a result of this election, with their challengers being Republican Party nominee, Mitt Romney, the former Governor of the state of Massachusetts, and Vice-President Candidate running mate Paul Ryan.

The 2012 presidential election will, as specified in the US constitution, take place at the same time as the United States Senate elections.