Preparing for an Office Move

Preparing for an Office Move

If you haven’t had the experience of moving your business, get ready for some stress!  With any commercial relocation, certain guidelines must be followed and the entire process usually takes about three months.  Are you ready?

The main source of stress related to an office move is that people just aren’t properly prepared for it.  Being unfamiliar with anything can make it seem harder than it actually is.  So, how do you really prepare for an office move?  A good plan.

When moving a business, everything must be planned out in advance.  Because a business is all about making money, this is essential.  Any downtime can translate into a loss of income.  The main goal any business owner should have during relocation is to be as cost-efficient as possible and to minimize downtime.

Before the move actually takes place, it is a good idea to become very familiar with the new location and the offices.  Knowing the size of each room is beneficial to planning what will or will not fit inside.  A floor plan should also be devised before you move – this should include location of employees, supplies, and everything else that will be situated in the new office.

Organization is the key to a successful office move.  Without it, you might as well just throw your company’s money out the window.

Jon Huser