Preparing to Move into a Small Space

Small Living RoomIf you are moving into a small space you definitely need to think about the furniture you’ll use.  Organizing a small space can be quite a challenge and it starts before you even move in.  The most important thing to remember when moving into a small space is to find furniture that will fit within the scale of your new home.  So, what’s the first step?

First of all, it is a good idea to measure all of the furniture you already own to see if it will fit or not.  If the furniture is too large for your small space, you may want to consider getting rid of it before you move in.  Oversized furniture in a small space will make it seem cramped and cluttered.

If the home you’re living in now is large, you’ll also want to make sure that the number of pieces you have will fit.  Before you move in, take some masking tape and place it on the floor where you would visualize the furniture.  This will help you have an idea of where everything might go.

Before you move into your new home, get rid of any pieces that may not fit in your new, smaller home.  You can have a tag sale and make a little extra money or sell them through a consignment shop.  If you’d prefer, you can also donate your furniture.

– Lance Grooms