President Obama Loses!

President Obama Loses!

Ok, ok – we’re not talking about the election for a second presidential term here! (Tune in next November to see who will win the 2012 Presidential Election!) But we do have to report that President Obama has just lost one of his favorite summer getaways!

The Blue Heron Farm was just sold to Norman Foster, a British architect, for almost $22 million. You may recall that the Obama family rented the Martha’s Vineyard house for the last three summers. Though $22 million is a good chunk of change, it actually sold for about $2 million less than what the owners were asking.

So, even though a U.S. President summers in the house, it couldn’t make it move off the market any faster or at the asking price.

Foster, a renowned architect in the UK, has an international design firm, Foster + Partners, and has even been knighted for his achievements. (No, he hasn’t been asked to move into Buckingham Palace!) He is known for designing the ‘Gherkin’, a downtown London structure, as well as the new Wembley Stadium.

President Obama and his family certainly have impeccable taste when it comes to vacationing. Obviously, if their summer getaway can sell for almost $22 million and a famous architect wants to move in, you know they’re doing something right!

Now that they’ve lost their summer rental, where do you think the Obama’s will spend their next getaway? Do you think they’ll stay in a Presidential Suite with a classy layout, or find another house in Martha’s Vineyard? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Jon Huser