Protecting Your Stuff in Storage from Extreme Temperatures

Protecting Your Stuff in Storage from Extreme Temperatures

Putting your stuff in storage is often a last resort when you are moving or you just can’t keep it all in your home.  While storage can be a wonderful solution to keep things that you don’t have room for or can’t get rid of, it can also be dangerous for your stuff if you don’t pick the right kind of storage unit.

Extreme temperatures can damage vulnerable items.  When considering storage units, it may be a good idea to choose a climate-controlled solution.  Climate-controlled storage units can effectively protect your stuff since the temperature and humidity are set to a standard throughout the year, regardless of the weather outside.

We’ve put together a list of how some of your items can be damaged due to extreme temperatures.  If you have similar items in a full-service storage unit without temperature control, you may want to move them to a climate-controlled solution.

  • Heirlooms – Family heirlooms that have survived for decades are usually quite fragile.  Often, they have been exposed to humidity, dust, mildew, and other elements.  Extreme heat or cold could actually end up destroying them.
  • Leather and Wood Furniture – Extreme temperatures can cause wood to warp and leather to crack.
  • Clothing, Bedding, and Fabrics – Humidity and heat can actually cause fabrics to have a musty smell.  Musty smells are very difficult to eliminate.
  • Musical Instruments – Many musical instruments are made of wood and that means they can easily be damaged by humidity.
  • Pictures and Records – Photographs and musical records (45s, LPs, etc.) are extremely sensitive to heat and cold.

Jon Huser