Raising the Kids in Mississippi

Raising the Kids in Mississippi

So you’re thinking of moving to Mississippi. Do you know where you might want to live? There are plenty of places in the state to which you could relocate, but not all of them are ideal for raising the kids. If you’ve got children, you might want to think about moving to Senatobia.

In the northern part of Mississippi, you’ll find Senatobia. It is basically a distant suburb of Memphis, Tennessee and is known as the ‘Five Star City’.” The population is rather small – about 6,800 people call Senatobia home. If you are moving to this town from a much larger city, you might want to check it out first. Are you ready to live in a small town?

The town was founded in 1860 and has plenty of opportunity for family recreation. There are two large lakes – the Arkabutla Lake off the Coldwater River and the Sardis Lake off of the Tallahatchie River. So, if your family loves boating, fishing, and swimming, Senatobia might be the ideal place for you to move!

As you consider moving to the Senatobia area, it’s a good idea to take a look at the schools. The school system is well received and there is also a community college in town. Many college kids attend the Northwest Mississippi Community College throughout the year.

If you find that Senatobia isn’t ideal for your family, you might consider moving to Belmont, which is another great city in Mississippi for kids.

Jon Huser