Ready to Buy a Haunted House?

Ready to Buy a Haunted House?

Anyone who loves the wildly popular television show American Horror Story will be excited to hear that the historic Los Angeles home used in the show’s pilot is now up for sale.  Do you watch the show?  Would you want to move in?

The brick home, which has a grand ballroom, six bedrooms, five bathrooms and Tiffany light fixtures, might also have a body in the basement!  We’re just kidding about the body in the basement, but we’re not about the fact that the house is now on the market.  For a cool $4.5 million, you could move into the house featured on the show.

Also known as the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion, the house has three stories and consists of 10,000 square feet.  In addition to the Tiffany glass windows and light fixtures, the home is filled with other features that throw back to the glory days of architecture.  Six vintage fireplaces will definitely keep whatever family moves in warm.  The hand-painted ceilings with silver and gold leafing only add to the charm.  The home definitely lends a feeling of grandeur and is reminiscent of a former era.

If you think that the sale of the home might affect the shooting schedule of the second season – which has been green-lit by its home network FX – not to worry!  The series pilot was shot at the house, but production has moved to a stage where replicas act as the set for the structure.

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