Relocating Professional Athletes From One Home to Another

Relocating Professional Athletes From One Home to Another

Being traded to a new team is all part of being a professional athlete.  To specialize in your chosen sport all too often means relocating to another city or even a new country.  It is not just the athlete who has to uproot but their entire family too.  Naturally they need a trustworthy mover but they need much more besides.

What is involved for the busy sports professional and their family when they relocate?  They need to sell their old home and buy or rent a new one.  What about schools?  Identifying the right one for your child is always important.  No less so for sports professionals.  And then there is the challenge of giving up a city with which they are intimately acquainted for one about which they may know very little.  Which neighborhood is right when looking for a house?  Where are the good restaurants?

Sports professionals often have little time to deal with the logistics of relocation, they are usually in training or perfecting their sport.  There are long distance relocation specialists who can help of course, not just movers but also realtors, to carry out the whole process of selling and buying/renting, and also those with local knowledge to help identify the right schools, neighborhoods and where that precious leisure time might be best spent.  There are even concierge services to introduce the newcomer to their new surroundings.

Using a full service moving company can free up valuable, and then time from the chore of relocation, time the professional athlete can better spend perfecting their game.

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